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JCLChrisK made a comment Sep 12 2019
"Lyrical, mystical, and philosophical. Though it reads as a folk tale, it's really a mindfulness manual, as Baz's physical and spiritual journey instructs readers along with him. This quiet story isn't for everyone, but it will speak strongly to a ..." Permalink
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JCLChrisK created a list Sep 07 2019
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JoCoLibrary - Preschool - Chris's Fall 2019 Storytime Books

"Books I read (in order) during the fall session of Preschool Storytime in 2019. Themes are noted at the beginning of the annotations."
JCLChrisK made a comment Sep 07 2019
"An accessible and easy to read important book. It is loaded with well explained and illustrated tools to correct some of the worst instincts of human nature and teaches readers to see the world more clearly. Recommended to everyone." Permalink
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