Sons of Wichita
Sons of Wichita How the Koch Brothers Became America's Most Powerful and Private Dynasty By Schulman, Daniel Book - 2014 | First edition.

A disappointing book that does not ring true to its title. Should be titled, The Koch Brothers and their Quest for control of the company. Author may not understand business and what it takes to build one and stay valuable for almost 100 years. Schulman is a journalist, not a researcher. Does not understand nor describe what the company does. Reads easy as a sleazy tabloid, giving the dirt on personal matters within the family. Sensationalized a lawsuit regarding two death in an unfortunate gas line leak, describing the details of the burning bodies of the victims. Does not explain really what the company does, nor how it provides value. I think it does employ 100,000 employees who support families. To stay in business, a company has to provide value and be run effectively. Schulman, the author may not understand this.
He chooses to write about the dirt within each of the brothers' lives. The founder was a poor country boy of immigrant parents who made his way to study engineering at MIT. Three of his four sons graduated in engineering from MIT as well. Analytical thinking helped propel the company to acquire other businesses and to create value for customers on what the company provides. It would be a shame for the author to profit from this sleaze material so if you must read , read a library copy. It is interesting, but it is NOT about how the Koch brothers built the company. That book would have to be written by alone one with more analytical skills and education. This book is a sleaze rag.

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