The Whole Life Prostate Book
The Whole Life Prostate Book Everything That Every Man-at Every Age-needs to Know About Maintaining Optimal Prostate Health By Carter, H. Ballentine Book - 2012 | 1st Free Press hardcover ed.

Excellent, well-written, authoritative information on men's prostate health, with special attention given to demystifying prostate cancer. Very helpful diagrams accompany the clearly written text that describes how the urogenital system works in men (with some comments demonstrating similar systems in women). Even though I don't face cancer yet, I was reassured that if I ever do, it may not need to be operated upon or treated with harsh chemicals or radiation. The authors emphasizes "watchful waiting", awareness without the disruptive, damaging, premature action that the very thought of cancer seems to inspire in many people. Highly recommended!

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